Small Jar of Cattai Honey – 270g


Buy a small 270-gram jar of Cattai Honey.

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Our pure Australian honey is sourced from the Cattai area of NSW. The honey we harvest has an intense native bush honey flavour with toffee notes, a lemony bite, and a rich dark copper hue. Our bees collect pollen throughout the local bushland, with many gathering from Paperbark, Red Gum, Stringybark, Grey Gum and Cabbage Gums, Yellow Bloodwood, Red Bloodwood, Ironbark, Bottlebrush, and wattles that populate the region and blend beautifully to create our superior honey. Tasting Notes: Every batch is slightly different depending on the season, environment and conditions however the overall theme of this honey is a caramelised toffee flavour and a subtle lemon. If you love a deeply rich, full-flavoured, natural, raw Australian bush honey – this is for you!

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Weight 270 g
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 89 mm